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Post Fiji's history lies in the first Postal Act passed by the Legislative Assembly of the Fiji Government in December 1871, which officially established the setting up of a Postal Department in Fiji, a General Post Office and post offices in other parts of Fiji and the appointment of a Chief Postmaster and other Postmasters who may be required to operate these Post Offices.

In 1886, an amendment to postal laws provided for money order service in Fiji but it was not until 1905 that the first money orders were issued in Fiji for overseas countries. Together with its other products, money order transfers has been in existence with Post Fiji to this very day and will continue to do so tomorrow and in the future.

Post Fiji’s Money transfer service was commonly known as Telegraphic Money Order or TMO and had been rebranded to “Flash Cash” until recently, to be in line with the technological changes in the money order services. The launch today is about the re-branding again of this service to its new name now called “Post Money Order”. Post Money Order is for domestic money transfers only and this service is available through our 58 post offices Fiji wide in cities, towns, suburbs and the rural and maritime areas.

The e-shop is considered our 59th post office (virtual post office). Although we are reaching out to the world with our services, the transactions conducted are still considered to be done locally. For example, with Money Order, we are charging customers the local money order rates whether it be an international or local customer using the shop platform.

The online international money transfer service has been established for receiving funds from other countries. Friends and families can transfer cash from anywhere in the world that can be collected in Fijian currency cash at any online Post Fiji outlet.

Sending money from the comfort of one’s home or office is no longer an effort through Post Fiji’s online Platform. Post Fiji has introduced Online Local Money Transfer Service for transferring funds locally. Friends, families or businesses can transfer cash that can be collected at any On-line Post Fiji outlet. The Sender needs to create an account to be able to send money anywhere in Fiji On completion of the Transfer, the sender will get a 12 digit number that has to be sent to the receiver After Completing the Transfer, the sender will get a 12 digit number that has to be sent to the receiver  The receiver needs to present the 12 digit number at any online Post Fiji Outlet during Business Hours to encash the money transfer. A valid Identification card has to be produced for verification Visit our Virtual Post Office to create your account FLASH CASH Flash cash is a quick and an easy way to transfer money to any On line Post Fiji outlet. Four Simple Steps to get your Money Across: Application at any PFL Counter Money Transfer Verification Payout Visit our Virtual Post Office to create your account. This Flash Cash product is now rebranded to Post Money Order.

As of recent and with the impact of the global pandemic, Post Fiji introduced grocery to its Post offices to allow customer the comfort of shopping from their homes online and making it a one stop shop. Customers can also use Post Fiji’s eshop to purchase their grocery or stationery items.

With Businesses Post Fiji has on offer its Ad post service where businesses can use the postal boxes located Fiji wide to distribute their marketing material. Post Fiji also has Smart mail facility which allows them to print, pack and deliver for the customers.

Its EMS courier service boasts a superior excellence in delivery service to all who use them be it personal, business or household removal. Its top-class logistics and courier company boasts of being the number one in Fiji. So, Post Fiji is not a one stop for only one product but a whole range of business.

With the severance of the partnership with Vodafone MPAISA arrangements at the Post office, our customers have a real purpose to come to our Post Shop and send and receive their money through the Post Money Order and be able to shop at the post express which is Post Fiji’s retail outlet said Dr Bansod, CEO, Post Fiji.

He further added that we are expecting Post money Order service to grow larger following the termination of this contract. Post Fiji would also offer digital means of money transfer in a move that is aimed at raising the level of competition with other service providers. Post Fiji will continue its Post Money Order transfers suited for the demography of Fiji that use the semi - automated service and also target the market that is comfortable with the use of the digital platform.

CEO Post Fiji, Dr Bansod said it's Simple, fast and easy and more so happens instantly.

It is with so much gratitude and pleasure that the Team at Post Fiji showed their appreciation to UPU for extending through Quality of Service Fund (QSF) the funding for the purchase of one three-ton truck, three panel vans and six motorcycles with total amounting to USD135664.11.

This funding came in time to contribute to lifting and enhancing the service delivery by Post Fiji for the Postal services it offers to its customers. The primary objective of the new Common fund is to implement global and regional projects to improve the quality of service of the global postal network, focusing in particular on weak links in the network and development of postal infrastructure in Union member countries.

The grants from QSF is a contribution from Developed and Industrialized countries for enhancement of delivery services in developing and least developed countries and in this case, it has been used for conveyance of mail from Office of Exchange located in Nadi Airport to various destinations thus contributing to cost savings. With the motor bikes we have been able to compliment Postman mail delivery and this is yet another cost effective and efficient delivery system said Dr. Anirudha Bansod, CEO Post Fiji. The 3-ton truck, panel vans and motor bikes are used for mail delivery around CBD Suva, Nausori, Naitasiri and Tailevu areas and this has increased the speed of delivery and pick up of postal items to and from these areas.

As a member organization of Universal postal Union (UPU), Post Fiji is privileged to qualify for QSF funding which has contributed to the efficient and effective operation of the organization. As far as funding from QSF is concerned, it really could be used for a range of projects based on enhancements to our service standards and delivery. The funding to purchase new vehicles was very timely as our existing fleet are very old and the unreliability of the vehicles due to frequent breakdowns and high maintenance costs was affecting the quality of service of local and international mail by causing delays in conveyance and collection of mail.

After the Global Pandemic, there has been an overall decline in revenue for Post Fiji. However, by seeking assistance from UPU for Quality of Service Funding (QSF), we are able to review how we do things and also what we can do better. With the purchase of vehicles and motor bikes, Post Fiji expects improvements in delivery standards and quality customer service. Recently, we received funds to procure computers for mail scanning project.

With social distancing affecting everyone these vehicles have been timely and in support of the struggles the nation faces with abiding by the COVID 19 restrictions in delivery of parcels and ensuring customers of Post Fiji are equally receptive to receiving their delivery of postal items in an efficient and COVID compliant manner.

We thank UPU for continuing to support our initiatives and supporting our achievements and we look forward to the continued support as the economic environment becomes more challenging.