Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens if you lose your Post Office Box key?

If your Post box key is lost, you will have to provide a valid ID and request for a lock replacement.

There is a $37.91 fee charged for this service

Q. How can I advertise with Post Fiji?

Post Fiji's advertising services include AdPost and QTV. Please contact our Customer Sales and Service for enquiries

Q. How much does Post Fiji charge for its AdPost advertising service?

8 cents per flyer and the weight should not exceed 50 grams. Post Fiji Can provide monochrome printing for this service

Q. How exactly would a customer go about transferring money using Flash Cash and how much are the charges?

This service is provided at all online stations. Customers need to fill the Money Order Application form and present it to the Post Master. A twelve digit code is given to the customer that needs to be sent to the receiver. Money is received instantly in our system and is available for encashment at any online location.

Charges will depend on the amount to be transferred and you will be advised at the time of Application of Money Order.

Q. What is considered as a prohibited mailing item?

Please view our Prohibited Items List.

Q. How much does the household removal service cost and are there any items that will not be transported?

This is charged according to the number of household pieces being transported from point A to point B. Each item has a standard charge and charges are according to the space being used in our EMS carrier. If customers request our staff to do packing, we will provide manpower. Household removal basically covers all household items so items being transported are unlimited. Please contact our EMS Operations centre for a Quote.

Q. How long does it usually take to import items through Post Fiji's Import Express service?

This usually depends on the mode of carrier used and the country of origin. Contact your nearest EMS Customer Service to inquire.

Q. What is the fee charged for the "acknowledgement of receipt" for Registered Post?

Acknowledge of Receipt (AR Card) is usually attached to registered mail items. It contains the Sender and Receivers addresses and other details like the posting and delivery dates with Post Office date stamp postmark. This Document serves as a proof of delivery for Registered mail service.

Pricing :$0.96 to any country in the world. This service is compulsory for registered mails going to Australia.

Q. What is the size and weight restrictions for Registered Post?

Maximum: Length, width and depth combined – 900mm, but greatest dimension may not exceed 600mm; length plus twice diameter – 1040mm but greatest dimension may not exceed 900mm.

Minimum: 90mm x 140mm but greatest dimension may not be less than 100mm.

Maximum Weight should not exceed 2kg. Anything exceeding 2kg becomes Parcel Post.