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Your search for did not match any records.
We did not find parcel with that Tracking ID. Please check your Tracking ID again to ensure you've entered it properly and there is no space in between the characters.
It is also possible that the parcel may not yet be registered in the tracking system. If you're not getting tracking information, please wait 24 hours and try again.
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What is Track & Trace?
Track & Trace is a Post Fiji service that allows you to check the status of registered items that you sent through the post. The following services can be tracked:
  • EMS Courier
  • Parcel Post
How do I use Track & Trace?
Simply enter the reference number from you documentation or as provided by the sender and click on ‘Track Item.’ The status of your item will then be shown.
The system isn’t accepting my reference number.
First, please check that you have a valid reference number.
There should be no spaces between the numbers or alphabets.
A Post Fiji reference number is 13 digits long starting with two letters (e.g. EE), followed by nine numbers, and ending with the two letters (e.g. NZ).
For example, a reference number could look like this: EE123456789NZ.
If your reference number is still not working in Track & Trace, please contact the Customer Service on 0800 3345 900 or 0800 3304 652 and quote the item reference number.
How can I follow up on a previous enquiry?
Our system is updated at two hour intervals, during the Track & Trace process.
If the status of an item you have been trying to track has not changed and it is now after 5pm, please check back after 8am tomorrow when the tracking system will have been updated.
If you have already been in contact with the Customer Service team and wish to follow up an enquiry, please contact Customer Service on 0800 3345 900 or 0800 3304 652 and quote the item reference number.
I’ve lost my reference number
In order to track your item, we do need the reference number. If you have lost it, unfortunately you will not be able to track your item using Track & Trace.
The Track & Trace records on this website are updated every two hours. Please note that currently only records after 11th of July, 2011 are displayed. Should you experience any difficulties please do not hesitate to contact us.
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