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Letter Boxes

Post Fiji’s primary product and located at all Post Fiji outlets Fiji-wide.
  • There are 58 Post Offices around the country
  • There are 56,568 letterboxes, 165 mailbags and 14,000 home deliveries
  • Customers choose from small, medium, large letterboxes or private mail bags depending their needs and availability of boxes and PMB’s
  • Customers pay an annual subscription fee to maintain their boxes and private mail bags
Post Office Letterboxes and Private Mail Bag Rental rates are as follows:
  • Small Box - $41 per year
  • Medium Box - $61.35 per year
  • Large Box - $102.25 per year
  • Private Mail Bag - $153 per year
To apply for a letterbox or a Private Mail Bag please print and fill out application form provided and take it to the Post Office you wish to have your letterbox located. Download the application form

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