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Post Shop
Caters for customers school, personal and office stationery requirements.
  • There are 27 fully fledged Post Shops around Fiji.
  • PostShop outlets offer Fiji’s largest and best selection of textbooks and stationery at very competitive prices.
  • We have textbooks for all levels, from Class One through to Form 7.
  • The PostShop stocks only the best range of stationery from renown brands such as Dolphin, Lexi, Collins, Marbig, Texta and Celco.
  • This service is provided at all Post Office outlets Fiji-wide.
  • Selected Post Office also sell Groceries (mostly rural stations)
  • Offers competitive and reasonable prices.
  • Delivery to business customers and schools can be arranged by liasing with our Sales Team, who can also offer attractive discounts on bulk buys.
  • Credit Account given to businesses, schools and parents of students upon authorization by Postshop Manager.
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