The process whereby Post Fiji formats, prints and distributes customer statements on behalf of companies. This service is one step ahead of the Mail Management Service.
  • A sophisticated program where clients give our Smartmail staff the format of how they want their customer statements to look like
  • After approval from clients, Smartmail then prints, collates, inserts and distributes statements to customers
  • Time efficient as what normally takes an organization a week to print, process and distributes takes Smartmail only a few hours in a day
  • Cost effective as organizations save on paper and printing costs
  • Cash turnover for company’s are increased as customers receive their bills almost as soon as they are printed
  • Smartmail is an efficient and friendly technology as it does the work of mail sorters. It sorts mails according to geographical location, postal location and box numbers
  • Currently, Post Fiji provides Smartmail service for Telecom and Colonial
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