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Door To Door Mail Service
Basically, this service brings the Post Office to customers without them having to leave their premises. Post Fiji designated staff clears customers letterbox on their behalf and deliver their mails to them.
  • Customers have the option of having one run or two runs per day.
  • Pick up and delivery of mails is done at a fixed time to avoid disappointments and delays.
  • Two mailbags are used, one is kept by Post Fiji and the other by the customer, so when Post Fiji staff delivers customers in-coming mails at the same they pick up out-goings mails for customers to be stamped and posted.
  • Responsibility is limited to two people only, one Post Fiji staff and customer/designated person of an organization.
  • The mailbags are locked for safety reasons and one lock and key is kept by the customer and the other by Post Fiji.
  • Ideal for businesses as it increase efficiency of existing staff as their skills and services can be better utilized elsewhere within the organization.
  • This service is, however, provided between Lami and Valelevu only.
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