Business Reply Post and freePost
Business Reply Post and freePost makes it easier for your customers to respond to your mailings, advertising or promotional activity anywhere in Fiji without them having to bear any COST. Business Reply Post and freePost are not identical so it is important that you select the service which will best suit your needs.

Business Reply Post
This service requires you to provide reply paid self-addressed envelopes or cards to enable your customers to respond easily.

This service does not require you to supply any pre-printed response material. Customers simply use their own envelopes and quote your freePost number. This service is highly suitable for television and radio advertising mediums.

Please find attached specifications of a Business Reply Post and freePost reply card/envelope layout.

  • You only pay postage for those customers who respond.
  • No minimum quantity required. This means Business Reply Post and freePost is suitable for businesses of all types and sizes.
  • Faster replies and orders as customers do not have to pay postage.
  • Allows you to effectively manage your cash flow. Business Reply Post and freePost enables you to control postage costs and because it’s easy and convenient for your customers it encourages the fast return of payments.
  • Flexible payment options for your customers either by cash, cheque or credit.

Additional Features
  • Responses are delivered to your Private letterbox or Private Mail Bag.
  • You can receive replies from anywhere in Fiji.
  • You keep your Authority Number until it is cancelled either by yourself or Post Fiji Ltd. An Authority number is valid only for that particular year it was issued. Responses are counted and documented before delivery.

How it Works
1. Complete the attached application form and return it to our Marketing and New Business Unit, G.P.O Box 40, Suva.

2. An authority number will be sent to you.

3. You submit a sample of the artwork for checking. The specifications should be exactly the same as the requirements in the attached BRP/ freePost layout format.

4. Upon approval, you are then to supply a reply-paid self-addressed Business Reply Post envelope or card with your authority number to your customers which they can reply and send back to you.

Alternately, you can include your freePost number and details in your television or radio advertising. Either way, respondents are not required to pay postage.
Please note that Business Reply Post and freePost numbers are not interchangeable.


An application fee of $300 is applied to accommodate for charges likely to accrue during promotion period. Whatever balance remains at the end of your promotion period will either be reimbursed or charged to your account.

The following rates apply per Business Reply Post envelope or card.
Normal Postage 20 cents 10 cents
Handling Charge 8 cents 8 cents
TOTAL 28 cents 18 cents
Please Note: All prices are inclusive of VAT.

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