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Business Solutions Door To Door Mail Service

Basically, this service brings the Post Office to customers without them having to leave their premises. Post Fiji designated staff clears customers letterbox on their behalf and deliver their mails to them...continue

Mail Management

Mail service mainly targeted at businesses whereby Post Fiji picks up, collates, packs, stamps, and posts all customers statements or documents to the addressees as and when required by an organization...continue


The process whereby Post Fiji formats, prints and distributes customer statements on behalf of companies. This service is one step ahead of the Mail Management Service...continue

Business Reply Post and freePost

An effective way for businesses to get customer response for their products and services without customer bearing any cost. Customers reply to businesses promotions or surveys using a “postage paid” envelope...continue


Businesses can market their products in a cost-effective and efficient way by utilizing the advertising services provided at Post Fiji’s postal outlets.
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