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 From left: Post Fiji Philatelic Manager Mr. Isaac Mow presenting the First Day Cover with WWF SPPO Conservation Director Sally Bailey.

Post Fiji Ltd together with WWF launched a new series of stamps on 11th July 2012 featuring one of our bird species the Collared Lory better known as the Kula.

The Kula Stamp issue highlights the important role bird plays as a cultural and ecological attraction. The Collared Lory Phigys solitarius, known in Fiji as Kula, is endemic to the islands of Fiji. It is the only Fijian rainforest bird to adapt to urban landscapes and human habitation being found in Suva as well as on Fiji's larger islands, and on the outer Lau islands, Lakeba and Oneata.

Although this species may have a restricted range it appears to have a stable population and therefore does not approach the thresholds for Vulnerable. With no decline and no substantial threats, it has been classified as a species of Least Concern. This is good news for this magnificent endemic species, rightly commemorated by Post Fiji in this stamp release.

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