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How do I hire a letterbox?

To apply for a letterbox or a Private Mail Bag please print and fill out application form provided and take it to the Post Office you wish to have your letterbox located. Download the application form

How can I advertise with Post Fiji?

Post Fiji's advertising services include AdPost and QTV.

How much does Post Fiji charge for its AdPost advertising service?

8 cents/flyer and the weight should not exceed 50 grams.

How exactly would a customer go about transferring money using Western Union and how much are the charges?

This service is provided only at rural stations. Customers need to fill the appropriate form and present it to the Post Master with a valid Photo ID preferably a Driver's License, FNPF Card or Passport. Money is received instantly (depending on the availability of the WESTERN UNION staff).

What is considered a prohibited mailing item?

Dangerous goods, narcotics, flammable, liquids, biological or radioactive substances, obscene or immoral articles.

How much does the household removal service cost and are there any items that will not be transported?

This is charged according to the number of household pieces being transported from point A to point B. Each item has a standard charge and charges are according to the space being used in our EMS carrier. If customers request our staff to do packing we will also have a labour cost. Household removal basically covers all household items so items being transported are unlimited.

What are the connection speeds and the internet rates at the Post Fiji internet cafes?

The rates are 10cents/minute with a bandwidth of 256kbps.

Are there specific opening hours for the Post Fiji internet cafes?

8am - 4pm

What are the fees for keycutting or lock services?

Duplicate: -$6.00

Replacement - $18.00

Does Post Fiji charge a fee for provision of its BillPay services and will the changes made when customers pay their bills show up instantly on the client companies' bill pay database?

Yes but this depends on the agreement signed. It’s not the same for all Billpay customers. The information is updated the very next day after the payment is made.

How long does it usually take to import items through Post Fiji's Import Express service?

This usually depends on the mode of carrier used and the country of origin. Contact your nearest Post Fiji outlet to inquire.

What is the fee charged for the "acknowledgement of receipt" for Registered Post?

75 cents to any country in the world. This service is compulsory for registered mails going to Australia.

What are the size and weight restrictions for Registered Post?

Weight should be up to 2kg. Anything exceeding 2kg becomes Parcel Post.

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